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Those first special days after giving birth

The time immediately after giving birth, up to six weeks in total, is known as the postpartum period. It is an intense time. Not only because your baby is finally here, and is completely dependent on you and emotional storms are triggering off all over the place, but also because your body is undergoing some major changes. In the first days after giving birth you will start to lactate more and more and your uterus will start to shrink again.


Have faith in your body. It is a marvel of nature and these changes happen automatically and naturally. Your body is now producing different hormones than those it released during the pregnancy. These hormonal changes help your body get back into shape, stimulate the lactation process and influence your feelings about your child.


Nevertheless, it is still vitally important that you get a lot of rest in that initial period after giving birth. Pamper yourself, accept help from others, but most importantly listen to your body and do not overtax yourself.