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Choosing your own form of pain relief

Practically no birth is completely free from pain. But the sensation of pain is very individual. Many women still give birth without using any painkillers. But it is still reassuring for women in labour to know that these days there are a whole variety of methods on offer to relieve pain or even turn it off to a large extent.


Even simple methods can often relieve the pain, such as breathing properly, movement, changing birth position or a bath. If this does not give enough relief, then the range of pain relief on offer ranges from complementary medical methods such as homeopathy, acupuncture, massages and wraps to conventional medication.


An epidural is a possible way of alleviating pain. A catheter is inserted in the lumbar region, close to the spinal cord, to numb the nerves in the lower body. This relaxes the abdomen and renders the mother almost completely free from pain.


At the See-Spital, we also offer a pain therapy that is controlled by the patient. By pushing a button that controls a pump, the expectant mother can determine how much pain relief she actually gets as and when she needs it. It is not possible to overdose. The dosage is programmed by the anaesthesiologist who performs the anaesthesia.

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