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"As much nature as possible, as little medicine as possible but as much as necessary"

This is the philosophy our maternity ward lives by. We want to offer you a natural birth just how you want it, with plenty of comfort and also the security of the hospital for unforeseen complications.


With uncomplicated deliveries it is always first and foremost a midwife that will look after you. She will inform you about the progress of the birth and about the different possible birth postures and pain relief options. In addition to the midwife, the doctor responsible will also be present at the time of the birth at the latest.


As long as no medical reasons suggest otherwise, the expectant mother can assume the birth posture she prefers. There is equipment at hand to help you, such as the Maja stool, Pezzi birthing ball or birth pool.


Our midwives have gained a great depth of knowledge in naturopathy on various training courses. We can make the birth easier with homeopathy, acupuncture, aromatherapy or a wrap if you so wish.


Every birth and every delivery is unique. The midwife will help you on an individual basis whilst remaining impartial and open-minded. She will provide you with the best possible support that is most fitting to the situation. During the delivery, it is also extremely advantageous when you, as a woman in labour, get involved in what is happening without any predetermined ideas and spontaneously decide what is good for you.


We guarantee you a competent, attentive and individual service!

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