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Birth Preparation

This course is designed for women and their partners who would like to prepare themselves for childbirth as well as the time afterwards. The course is taught by qualified midwives who all hold degrees and offer years worth of practical experience in the field; they will provide you with valuable information and practical advice regarding pregnancy, childbirth and the Puerperium as well as breatsfeeding.


Three to six months after childbirth, a complimentary baby-brunch is held at the See-Spital in Horgen.


Pregnant women who are at least 28 weeks pregnant


See-Spital Horgen, Kursraum "Wellness" Tertianum, Asylstrasse 18, 8810 Horgen


18.30-21.30 o'clock


CHF 200 per couple or mother-to-be with an accompanying person

CHF 400 private course (dates announced upon request) 044 728 10 20


Trained Midwife

Amount of Participants

The maximum amount of participants is limited to 12 (including partner or accompanying person)

Coordination / Arrival

Dates 2019

03. July 2019 (booked up)

04. September 2019

Please complete the contact form below. Please mark the class you would like to take as well as the estimated due date of the birth of your child.

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8810 Horgen

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